For the second year we will celebrate International Holocaust Survivor Day, a day in which we will all pay tribute to the courage and resilience of Holocaust Survivors.

In Israel we will mark this celebration with two events:

June 26th at 18:00 (6pm Israeli time) at Beit Lohamei Haguetaot with the participation of Holocaust Survivors and their families, greetings by representatives of the Government of Israel, the WZO and representatives of major Jewish organizations.

June 27th at 11 am (Israeli time) at the Habima Theatre in Tel Aviv, in presence of the President of Israel and representatives of the Israeli Government and major Jewish organizations. The program will include a play, "The Avengers-a Love Story".

The President of Israel, Isaac Herzog will honor us with his presence at the event on June 27th and the Minister for Diaspora Affairs Mr. Nachman Shai will bring the greetings of the Government to Holocaust survivors in Israel and abroad at the event at Beit Lohamei Haguetaot on June 26th. 

Colette Avital


Center Organizations of Holocaust

Survivors in Israel

Tova Dorfman

Deputy Chairwoman of the World Zionist Organization

Chairwoman, Department for Israel and Holocaust Commemoration

Livestream of the June 26th event at HaBima National Theater

goes live on:

6:30 pm IDT (Israel)

11:30 am EDT