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Susan Kent Avjian

Susan is the daughter of two Holocaust survivors, Roman (Knicker) Kent and Hannah (Starkman) Kent, both from Lodz, Poland and survivors of multiple concentration camps. Both came to the United States under the auspices of UNRA. 


Friends from Hannah’s Aglasterhausen days were an integral part of her youth in New York, extending to the current days. Both of her parent’s history was rich and ever-present in her life. Susan went into a healing field, caring for others, with her profession as a physical therapist. She has filled her life with volunteering and activism in a variety of organizations from NAMI, PTA’s, President and Alumni Chair of the National Capital Area Parents Club of USAFA, JSSA Holocaust Survivor program, marches, letter writing campaigns, 2G groups and member of the program committee of The Generations After of Washington, DC. 


In the past 10 years she has traveled domestically and internationally with her father and used technology to assist him in his Holocaust related endeavors when traveling had become difficult.  She initiated and assisted in the 2nd edition of his autobiography “Courage Was My Only Option” and will shortly undertake a new edition of his beloved, “My Dog Lala”. She carries on her father’s love of family, animals, sports, caring for others and the outdoors and has passed this legacy on to her children.

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