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Ellen Bachner Greenberg
Co-founder and President, Descendants of Holocaust Survivors
(2G Greater NY)


Ellen is the daughter of Holocaust Survivors Fred Bachner, who survived Auschwitz and other concentration and labor camps, and Ruth Bachner, who was hidden in a convent in Belgium.  Committed to Holocaust education and remembrance, her parents spoke for more than 25 years at schools and synagogues and gave several testimonials.  With the passing of her parents, Ellen has taken on the responsibility of continuing to tell their story.  


Ellen is a member of the International Advisory Committee for Holocaust Survivors Day and is President of Descendants of Holocaust Survivors – 2G Greater New York, a forum that offers discussions, workshops, and programs, some in partnership with the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust.  She runs discussion groups and workshops for the second and third generations, has written articles about her parents’ Holocaust stories, and is currently writing a memoir.

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